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Date: Sat Apr 16 1994 - 14:37:29 EDT

Jim wrote:
>> Gentlemen and Ladies: I like to think of these newsgroups as a
>> friendly place to get away from the ratrace of amateur radio in
>> which I work. When I go to the local gin mill, I don't expect to
>> see anything I say show up in the Newington Town Crier next week....
>> I don't expect to see anything I say here show up in any QRP
>> newsletters or any other media, either, unless you have asked for
>> and received my permission. It's happened once and I went away
>> for a while. If it happens again I'm going away for good. I don't
>> need the trouble. If you are the editor of a newsletter and you
>> can't give me the courtesy of asking first, you need to learn a
>> little about the writing game. And please don't cloak any
>> responses in the First Amendment.....
>>.......stuff deleted....
>> ...... If I see anything of mine in a newsletter
>> and prior permission wasn't granted, I'm outta here.
>> 73
>> Jim Kearman, KR1S
>> jkearman@arrl.org

Steve responded:

>I'm going to "publish" the above "open letter / threat" on a poster
>board at my RARS-fest table this Sunday and solict comment...
>Good-bye, Jim. :^)
>Steve Modena nmodena@unity.ncsu.edu
>Are postings to the boatanchor list and the qrp list copyrighted
>materials...or strictly confidential, non-disclosure utterances?

I now respond:

1. As Steve may not have noticed, Jim works for ARRL. What he says may be
mistaken for official positions of the organization. For this reason, his
employers have expressed concern in the past about his participation in public
forums like this. Widespread dissemination of his informal comments, if those
comments were misunderstood, might have very serious consequences for Jim.
        I, for one, value Jim's contributions to this group and intend to
continue to treat Jim's contributions as I would those of any friend I was
having an informal chat with: Not secret, but not intended, either, for
publication on the front page.
        I happen to know about Jim's situation, but I do not know the situation
of most other contributors to this list. Therefore, as a matter of common
courtesy, I plan to continue to treat everyone's postings as I do Jim's.

2. We should have learned from the discussion thus far that the copyright laws
are complex, and one cannot be sure whether postings to these lists are
copyrighted or not. It does not seem to me, however, that that is the issue. I
would have thought the issue was a simple one: Would you print a letter a
friend wrote you in the newspaper without first getting that friend's
permission? If you would not, then I can't imagine how you could bring yourself
to do the equivalent with a posting to one of these newsgroups.

3. I hope that if Steve intends to display Jim's note, he will also display
with it this one. More formally, I herewith give my permission for MY
contribution to this posting (that NOT marhed with ">'s") to be reproduced
anywhere, in any form, so long as it remains unchanged.


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