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From: Randall Rhea (
Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 22:33:20 EDT

=>I am investigating a vertical antenna design for 160m, due to
=>lot size restrictions. Once I get an antenna "working", I'll
=>document the nn1g mods and include a working antenna design for
=>the space impaired.

I've used a small 160m antenna that works pretty well. Wind
about 250 feet of insulated #14 wire onto a 1-inch diameter
wooden hand rail that is 16 feet long. (lumber yards have these)
Put a couple of coats of spar varnish on the hand rail first.
Attach the wire to an aluminum pie plate at the top of the antenna,
and put a 4-foot whip from a mobile antenna above that. Give the
whole thing another coat of varnish. You will need some sort
of matching network at the feed point at the bottom of the antenna;
I use an antenna tuner. Mount the antenna vertically. Install
as many buried radials as you can, and make them as long as possible.
This antenna is described in the ARRL Antenna Book as well as in
Doug DeMaw's Antenna Book.

Another option, if you have the room, is an inverted L. This is
actually a vertical antenna with a top load. The vertical
part of the antenna should be as long as possible. Some hams actually
use a tower as the vertical part of the antenna.

Randall Rhea Informix Software, Inc.
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