QSO Party...really fun


From: Roger Traylor (rlt@SSD.intel.com)
Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 18:10:07 EDT

Greetings from the left coast (Oregon),

Thought I would add my two cents worth about QRP QSO party. This was my
first contest in about 20+ years and I really enjoyed it. My personal
goal was 20 contacts. I finished with 22.

My 6 year old kept asking me, "did you win, did you win". I had to
explain to him that winning the contest was a very remote possibility.
However, if I had fun, then I would consider myself a winner. I did
have a ball!

Worked 9 SPC, including 8 ARCI members, in about 6 hours of casual
operation on 40M only. Used my "box-stock" HW-8 and a 40M inverted Vee
at 30ft. Total 4280 points if I figured correctly.

Had the pleasure of talking to the Doug, KI6DS who has quite a signal
in Oregon.

I think a multiplier should be added for those operating with a 3 year
old on their lap. Maybe points for squables broken up, and "owie's"
taken care of. :-)

Thanks to all who dug me out of the noise. See you in the fall.


Roger Traylor

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