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From: JEFF M. GOLD (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 12 1994 - 10:25:14 EDT


Just got a long awaited package in the mail last night. I have
built most of the QRP kits on the market. I enjoy building about
anything from an accesory on a schematic to a multiband
transceiver. I have dealt with having no instructions all the way
up to the instructions that came with the HW9. I love my HW9, but
think the instructions are a little much.

When it is time to relax (and not Miller time) I really enjoy a
well thought out kit with quality parts that I am fairly confident
will work when I put the power to it. In my experience (and I can
say this on the Internet list.. and not in published articles) the
current "Cadillac" of the kit business is Oak Hills Research. I am
by nature cheap, but in kits you often get what you pay for. I
have found that after getting over the initial shock of paying the
extra price for the kits, I usually LOVE building the Oak Hills
Kits, and find they work GREAT afterwards. One of the transceivers
that almost had to be pried from my hands and I had to think long
and hard about selling was the Oak Hills Spirit. I had a blast
building it, it worked great the first time and everytime.

One of the final considerations when I finally sold my Spirit was
the fact that Dick from Oak Hills said he was going to have a dual
band that was going to be as good as the Spirit. The two bands it
was going to cover were 20 and 40. Well this accounts for over 90%
of my operating. I finally let the Spirit go and waited, and
waited. Spent a bunch of money calling every once in a while to
check and see how Dick was doing on the project.

Well the wait it over.. the box has arrived and the kit in in my
workshop. I anxiously, and carefully opened the box and got rig of
the top layer of shredded paper (the only part left of Oak Hills
Kits that I don't enjoy HI HI). The case is really heavy duty and
nicely painted and screened.

The second thing I always check is the instructions. Boy was I
impressed. I have always appreciated the quality of Oak Hills
instructions. They are very clear, thorough without going
overboard and nicely printed. I had suggested to Dick, and imagine
others must have also, a possible improvement or two for his kits.
I found that with the Spirit it would have been easier of the
parts for the sections of the transceiver be packaged seperately
and the parts list seperated out. I found I was ripping the
instructions apart and having to take out the parts list and the
layout picture.

Well, the new instructions have a nice, thick main section that
gives an introduction to the transceiver, some general
instructions, a list of tools needed, advice on soldering and
such. Then it goes throught each PCB and gives step by step
instructions. It clearly states not to unpack all the parts at
once. There are 4 boards (as I remember.. more will follow) One
for the oscillator, one for the tx, one for Rec, one for optional
cutis keyer. Each board has the parts packaged seperately and has
a corresponding seperate (stapled seperate) set of sheets with the
parts list, description of parts, and reference number to board id
(ex: R34). I think I lot of detail has gone into making the
building of this kit as enjoyable as possible.

OK here is the basic description out of the new catalog:

QRP Classic-Dual Band CW Transceiver
-Dual band transceiver kit for 20m and 40m
-Superhet receiver design with diode ring mixer and RF pre-amp
-High side LO injection on both bands for cleaner signal
-4 pole crystal filter
-4 pole audio filter
-AGC circuit
-Vfo tuning with 8:1 vernier dial covering 100 KHz
-RIT w/center dtent provides +- 1 KHz
-Sidetone oscillator w/ level control
-Silky smooth QSK
-4-5 watts output
-TX output adjustable from 0-full on back panel
-12vdx-290mA on Rx and 1.2A on TX
-Measures 4" X 6.25" X 6 7/8".. 48 oz
-all panels prepunched for optional keyer

CAT # CL2040-$269.95
 optional keyer $39.95

Oak Hills Research
20879 Madison Street
Big Rapids, MI 49307

I don't work for the company and am in NO way connected with it
and haven't as of yet met Dick the owner.

Also noticed in the catalog the QRP explorer superhet for either
20 or 40 for $159.95


Jeff, AC4HF

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