From: Warren E. Lewis (
Date: Sun Apr 10 1994 - 22:35:24 EDT

I'll have to agree with wasn't much of a party...but,
it sure was fun trying to pull those wavering signals in. I had
planned to work 15, 20, 40, and 80. I never heard a peep on
15 or 20. 40 and 80 were not much better...but I did make 18Qs,
81 points, 11 SPC, and 5 watts for a grand total of 6237 points.
Not to bad for a rookie and a lot better than my botched effort
last year!! Hopefully, I didn't pull the INET2 team down too much.

I had about 3 hours of concentrated effort and about 3 hours of
semi-concentrated effort while playing with a new satellite tracking
program. How do you folks concentrate for extended periods
of time through all the static and noise?

From the QRP list I bumped into Bill, N8ET on both 40 and 80,
and Howie, WB2CPU on 40.

Other notables that jump out from my log were Danny, K3TKS,
ARCI Net Manager and the ARRL's master of microwaves,
Zack, KH6CP/1.

I know I had a good time...but, I do believe my code speed has
gotten worse :-(... I guess that blows Chuck's theory. It must be
the fatigue....I'll make sure I get a good nights rest and see how
it is tomorrow.

Look forward to seeing everybody next time!!

                             - Warren KD4YRN

Warren E. Lewis                       
Technical Support Division                    (919) 677-8001 x6542
SAS Institute Inc.                                         PP-ASEL
Cary, NC                                      KD4YRN      DOD#0021

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