From: stark (
Date: Sun Apr 10 1994 - 20:57:11 EDT

Hi to all,

Just a bit of a recap of what it was like from here in

Never heard a signal on 10, 15 or 80. Heard one on 20 but it was
too weak to copy who it was.

Heard one JA on 40 Sunday am. One VK on Sat am.
Never heard any east coast stations. Heard W8MVN both days but
never could get him to even send a ?.

So much for all the bad stuff. Now comes the fun part!!

Worked only 40m. Spent 10.5 hrs operating. Should have
been there for all 24 but just got too bored!

45 QSOs. 14 States and one VE.
Points come out to 15,750.

From the gang here I worked VE5VA, WB4TPW and W6RCL.

Found another must for a rx. Good noise blanker. The power
line noise here would get over s9 at times but the blanker
in the little TS 130S did a great job.

After the contest I checked the SWR. It's infinit! Guess
that might explain part of the trouble. Oh well, soon the
tower will be up and I can get a real antenna up.

If any of you "big guns" out there want to have a frustrating
weekend, try contesting without an antenna!!!

Gota run to work and reset the weather station computer. Had a
power loss. Must remember to get a good back-up supply on that
and save my gas!!

Thanks to all that pulled me out of the mud and that repeated
the reports for me till the qsb let me get it! Signals would
go from in the noise to a good s6 during an exchange. Weird.

73 & cul, Ron, KU7Y

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