From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Dec 31 1969 - 19:00:00 EST


Today, Sunday, April 3, 1994, I had the pleasure of driving from
San Jose, CA to Livermore to attend a face-to-face meeting of a
bunch of the members of the Northern California QRP Club, NorCal
for short.

They meet after the Livermore Swapmeet, which I missed, 'cuz I
was taking my time and being in the twilight zone at the time
forgot about daylight savings time, but I did make the meeting
on time.

Got to see Doug Hendricks again, met the famous Wayne Brudick,
and numerous others. Thanks for the hospitality gang.

The most important thing that happened for me was the actual
touching of the new rig of the NorCal group, called the Sierra.
This is another famous design of Wayne Burdick, N6KR. It's
the ONLY 7 band CW QRP xcvr kit. It's not out yet, but if you
are not a member of the NorCal group, you had better get your
membership money in the mail, and you know that information from
previous postings on this server. I saw all the band modules.
You had better be prepared and capable of winding toroids. See
issue #1 of K5FO Newsletter in May about all you ever wanted to
know about toroids. This kit will require you to have a counter
or general coverage receiver and more kit building experience than
the previous offering of the NorCal 40.

Well, Wayne had his original there, so we took it out into the
parking lot of the California Burgers Restaurant. Wayne plugged
in the headphones (later the speaker), the bencher paddle as he
has the OHR Curtis keyer chip in his rig, the battery (a VERY
small one at that), and we hooked it up to a WD4BUM Hamstick
on 40 meters. 40 Meters was dead dead dead. Must be some flare.
So up to 20, by unplugging the band module while the rig IS powered
up. Tuned up the antenna for 20, and showed 2 Watts out. Listen
across the band and it's dead. Tuning back down, I hear a K5 in
Sante Fe NM calling CQ. I call him 1x1, i.e. KT5X DE K5FO/6.
He comes back to me!! Talked to him for a short time as a dozen
or so people observed this feat!! So about 885 miles on 20 meters
on a dead band with 2W.

The Sierra is not much larger than the NorCal 40. My check will be
in the mail, when they announce it. So hang tight. Banging on
the Club will not get you any preferential treatment. Just start
saving up the $200 to $300 that it will probably come in at and do
plan on getting all the band modules.

I also saw a bunch of NorCal 40s with all the mods. Kind of like
seeing some of the K5FO special critters. :-) Digital display,
keyers, S-meters (LED Bar), AGC, and others. See next few issues
of QRPp for publication of a bunch of them.

Thanks Wayne for letting me play. If he had been in better shape,
I would have arm wrestled him for opportunity to haul it back to
Texas for a week or so. :-)

OK, enough of the wild stories. I took two kits with me to CA,
but didn't get a chance to heat up the iron at all. Too much time
in meetings.

From the ranch. dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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