Easy fix for MFJ AGC


From: Andrew M. Cohn (andy@clark.net)
Date: Sun Apr 03 1994 - 13:52:53 EDT

One of the problems I had with MFJ's factory setting of the AGC pot on
the 9040 was that every time there was a noise burst, such as from an
electrical appliance being turned on or off, the station I was struggling
to hear disappeared for a couple of seconds, long enough to miss a few
crucial characters.

By turning the AGC pot clockwise, I was able to eliminate the effects of
the slow AGC, plus increase the receive sensitivity. Of course, the more
you turn the AGC, the more pronounced the initial key click. About midway
between factory setting and full clockwise,I found a nice balance between
the key clicks (on both transmit and receive) and the original problem of
stations disappearing. Plus, I gained some sensitivity.

I wish I could find a fix for the QSK pot. Even at full clockwise
position, the unit goes back into receive a bit faster than I like.

73, andy, k4adl

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