My Day in the Park


From: Andrew M. Cohn (
Date: Sun Apr 03 1994 - 08:40:08 EDT

On Saturday I had 3 hours to kill in the park during my son's Little
League practice. I could never understand his interest in this dangerous
and tiring sport when the rest of his family are hams. But perhaps with
therapy I can help this poor little 8-year-old lead a normal life.

Fortunately I had the good sense to bring along the new MFJ-9040 for my
own private little field day. I set the rig up in the front seat, strung a
counterpoise around the car, tied a huge rock to a 33' lengh of speaker wire
and tossed it up into the trees.

Now here's a Helpful-Little-Hint so you won't make the same mistake I did.
Connect the antenna to the rig AFTER you toss the weighted wire into the
trees. I, of course, being the Brilliant-Rocket-Scientist, did not follow
this advice, and as the huge rock and wire took off for the tree limb, so
did the rig. The sight of a new rig being dragged across the ground and
into the trees is really not a pretty one, for sure.

In the 3 hours I operated from park, I had five QSOs, two of which were
with other QRP stations. These were not hello/goodbye contacts, but
solid, extended conversations, with signal reports from 569 to 589. In
fact, each QSO represented a new state for me. The contacts were all
amazed at the kind of signal I was putting out at only five watts.

What amazed me was the ease at which I made contact. I never actually
called a station; my CQs were all answered, and people called me after I
completed a QSO. Very much different from what I expected with QRP

The 'fish stories' I read here are apparently true.

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