New S&S rig!!


Date: Mon Mar 28 1994 - 17:52:01 EST

Greetings Fellow QRP's.

I was at the Timonium Hamfest this weekend and saw the latest offering
by S&S Engineering. Seems they pulled a coupe and introduced a new series
in their home state before going out to Dayton.

Their new offering is called the ARK-4. It's basically a stripped down
version of the ARK-40. It covers the entire 40m CW band and uses an
interesting tuning method. There's a slide switch that selects either the
7.0XX or 7.1XX MHz range. Next, there are two of the usual thumbwheel switches
to select the XX KHz portion. Finally, there's a fine tuning control which
spans +/- 600 Hz.

The kit comes as a series of options. The basic transmitter (case & components)
sells for $99.95. Adding components to complete the receiver costs an
additional 49.95 (I think). I didn't bring the data sheet in with me today, so
I'm working from memory. I'll post all of the details tomorrow.

BTW, the ARK-4 does not contain an internal speaker. The case size is roughly
that of one of a Hayes 1200 baud modem, maybe slightly larger.

Bob - N3MBY

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