MFJ 20m SSB rig


From: William Martin Ray (
Date: Mon Mar 28 1994 - 16:03:08 EST

We just got back from Nashville where we visited Jeff AC4HF (what a great
call sign!) and his XYL. Talk about someone who has MEGA qrp equipment! If you
ever want to go to qrp heaven, stop by Jeff's place.

Anyway, the highlight of the evening came when Jeff fired up the new MFJ
20 meter SSB rig and worked Russia on the first call! Jeff wasn't lying when
he gave it "two thumbs up". I highly recommend this rig for those who enjoy
SSB and are looking for a compact rig.

Now if only someone could convince them to produce this rig in kit form!

73 de Marty, NN9H

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