British Low Power Field Day


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Sun Mar 27 1994 - 13:46:11 EST

>From George, G3RJV, via Jim, W1FMR:

The RSGB Low Power Field Day is Sun 17 July 94 0900-1200
and 1300 1600 UTC

a] 10w RF output max
b] 3w RF output max
Single or multi-op in both sections
Modes/Fregs: 3510-3560 and 7010-7040 CW only
Both bands may be used in each session. Any station may be
contacted once on each band for points

Special Conditions:
1] power for all parts of the station must be derived from
batteries, precharged cells or solar/wind power. Float charging
from generators forbidden
2] The transmitter [or outboard PA] must not be capable of an
output power in excess of 15w
3] Antennas must not exceed 35ft above ground and may have no
more than two elevated supports.
4] The station must be portable

RST, serial No., county code and RF power out in Watts. Stations
over 10w may send "QRO" and are not allowed to enter contest other
than giving points.

15 points for each QSO a QRP Portable or Mobile station
10 points for QRP fixed station
5 points all other QSOs
("QRP" = all stations under 10w)

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