Upgrading CW


From: laurahal@microsoft.com
Date: Wed Mar 23 1994 - 12:46:29 EST

Hi everybody,

while not immediately QRP or Boatanchor related, there is so much CW
expertise on both of these lists that it seems not unreasonable to ask:

I'm starting to think about upgrading my trusty Nye straight key and am
curious about the pros and cons of bugs and paddles/keyers. I've never used
a bug, but have heard them on the air and seen them in action. I played with
an iambic keyer once at a club meeting (the CMOS one in the ARRL Handbook)
and liked the crisp, clean sound - which I try to emulate in my own sending.

I'd appreciate any wisdom folks would like to share with us newcomers...

73 from Burnaby,
laura VE7LDH

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