FD antennas


From: mvjf@mvubr.att.com
Date: Wed Mar 23 1994 - 10:46:57 EST

For Field Day,
QRP-NE uses a 20 meter full wave delta loop, corner fed,
apex up - at 25', with outstanding success for such a
simple antenna.

(Adjacent mountain in back of loop acts as reflector in
desired direction. Ground is granite rock ledge - very poor
conductivity, so balanced antenna seems to work best)

Tried operating FD next to a lake on level ground and while
it was a beautiful, idylic setting, performance was way down.
Need height, or good ground, or reflective enviornment,
or gain antenna, or all of the above to have a death-ray
QRP station signal. Experience and/or good luck helps.

During an ARCI QSO party, or during FD, a few casual
contacts can be made with a wet noodle antenna and low
power from almost any location.

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