From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Tue Mar 22 1994 - 08:34:14 EST

I was on 30M early Saturday as previously advertised. The
first thing outta the bag was a VK6 and then a VK2 just at
sunrise (which is early on saturday's :-) ).

Then after that, in two hours I worked only four stations.
In order, AZ, CA, OH, and IL. The band really didn't
seem to be in good shape. Didn't hear anyone from the net.
Sorry guys if you were looking fer me, 'cuz I was there.

I'll try again this next Saturday, but will start on 40M
and work my way up as the bands open 'til I get to 20M.
I may dig the Argosy IID outta the closet, but I just about
have the new MXM xcvr ready to rock&roll on 20M.

On Sunday morning, 830am CST (1430Z), I tried to check into
the OK(lahoma) QRP Net on 7.060MHz (this freq because of
another net going on 7.040 at the same time). Well, I was
the first guy there and I wound up being net control for
an hour. Lot's of fun, but kinda nerve racking being in front
of a crowd like that. :-) We had checkin's from MO, AR, OK,
LA, and TX. At 1500Z, somebody came on freq without checking
to see if it was in use and started a code practice session. :-)
I moved the net up a couple of KHz, but it sure could have been
a problem if someone in the group had only a XTAL osc or VXO
with short range.

I also got my QRPp on Saturday. USPS sure took it's time and
I also saw the 72 permit number. Remember boys and girls,
75% of the USPS budget is for storage facilities. They ARE
holding on to the stuff. :-) There goes my mail service. ;-)

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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