QRP talk in San Mateo


From: Wayne Burdick (burdick@interval.com)
Date: Wed Mar 16 1994 - 18:23:59 EST

Hi all,

The San Mateo radio club, which is NOT known as a hotbed of QRP activity,
has gone out on a limb and invited me to speak this Friday. I would be
honored to have any interested NorCal members or other Bay-area QRP fans
attend the talk. If you think you might come, let me know ahead of time so
we can think of some good questions you can ask as "plants" in the

If you have particularly outrageous or neat QRP machines of your own to
bring, please do so! I'll be demonstrating the NorCal 40, the Sierra, the
Safari-4, and other homebrew rigs on a "slinky" 40-meter dipole on loan
from Bill Paul.

I'm told that the club meets at the Beresford Recreation Center, 28th and
Alameda in San Mateo, at 7:30. You'll have to ask a native exactly which
room to go to.

Hope to see some of you there!


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