DMM purchase


From: Keith M. Hamilton (
Date: Mon Mar 14 1994 - 20:50:14 EST

A few days ago I wrote a note to the list asking for help on the
possible purchase of a great DMM at Dayton.

Unfortunately chose that day to delete me from
the list so I spent the whole weekend wondering why I got no replys
to my query!

Well I am back on the list (I think). Anyone who posted advise
about the meter please post again or better yet just e-mail it
to me so I don't bother everyone on the list with material that
has already been posted. I know a lot of you out there know of
a meter you really wish you had! Tell me about it so I can make
a good decision when I buy!

By the way.... finally got my NorCal 40 up and running tonight!
I love it! Can't wait to string an antenna and get it on the air!

Keith M. Hamilton      73 de NO8Z
Youngstown, Ohio

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