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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Mar 08 1994 - 15:50:13 EST


The following is the notes from January QRP ARCI Quarterly (QQ)
for the Sprint QRP ARCI CW QSO Party. If you are going to enter,
then send me email. I'll send you the forms you need at no charge.

Let's get this group out in full force and have the QRP Internet
Group take all top positions for this contest. The function here
is to generate activity and keep QRP alive. We really don't care
how we place, it's just for the fun. If we happen to place, then
some much the better for it. So, please, no contest flame wars.

gud luck in the test es cul, dit dit


    Spring QRP ARCI CW QSO Party

  Entry may be all-band, a single band, "HI-band" (20M, 15M,
10M, and 6M) or as a "LO-band" (160M, 80M, and 40M). All
entries will compete against other entries in their own class
of entry only. Certificates go to the top 10 scores and to the
top score in each single band, LO-band, and HI-band categories.

  Certificates for the top score in each class in each SPC
(state/province/country). The contest manager reserves the
right to recognize special significant entries with a certificate

  Entry includes a copy of the logs and a separate summary sheet.
Include duplicate check sheets with entries of 100 QSO's or more.
Indicate the total time-on-air, including time spent listening.
All entries must include a complete, legible, name, call, and
address. All entries must be received within 30 days following
the contest. Late entries will be counted as check logs. Members
indicate their QRP ARCI member number on all logs. Members and
non-members indicate their input or output power for each entry and
band. The highest power level used will determine the power multiplier.
Output power is considered as 1/2 of the input power. During the
QSO party, a maximum of 24 hours may be operated within the 36 hour
time period.

  Include a description of homebrew equipment, commercial equipment,
and antennas used with each entry. A summary sheet and sample log
sheets are available from the contest manager for an SASE with one
unit of postage. Include an SASE with one unit of postage in the
entry for a copy of the contest results. Results will be published
in the next available issue of the QRP ARCI Quarterly. The final
decision on all matters concerning the contests rests with the
contest manager.

          Send entries to:

              Cam Hartford N6GA
              1959 Bridgeport Ave.
              Claremont, CA 91711


  Contest Rules

Date/Time: April 9, 1994-1200Z through April 10, 1994-2400Z

Exchange: Member - RST, State/Province/Country, ARCI Number
            Non-member - RST, State/Province/Country, Power Out

QSO Points: Member = 5 points
             Non-Member, Different Continent = 4 points
             Non-Member, Same Continent = 2 points

             Multiplier - SPC (State/Province/Country) Total all bands

The same station may be worked on more than one band for QSO points
and SPC credit.

Team Competition:

  Team competition of teams consisting of 2 to 5 members will be a
  separate category apart from individual entries. Team members will
  be listed as individuals and the team score will be the total of the
  member's scores. Team entry will be all-band only. The team captain
  must send a list of its members to the contest manager postmarked at
  least one day prior to the QSO party. Certificate awarded to the
  highest scoring team.

Power Multiplier: 0-1 watt out = x 10
                   1-5 watts out = x 7

Suggested Frequencies:

BAND CW Novice

160M 1810 KHz
 80M 3560 KHz 3710 KHz
 40M 7040 KHz 7110 KHz
 20M 14060 KHz
 15M 21060 KHz 21110 KHz
 10M 28060 KHz 28110 KHz
  6M 50060 KHz



     (CNA Note: I use "CQ CQ QRP TST DE K5FO K5FO K" , then move
                 to the longer format if QSO rate is low.)

Score: points * SPC * power multiplier

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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