QRP and ERP (my own follow)


From: Bruce Walker (bruce@Think.COM)
Date: Tue Mar 08 1994 - 12:20:03 EST

   From: "Kevin Anderson" <GGANDERSON@Augustana.edu>
   Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 10:09:56 GMT-500

   Please, don't read me wrong on my original post wondering
   about ERP in this. I am as strong of proponent of QRP as I
   can be at this stage! By "level the playing field", I
   didn't mean to open a can of worms, and I didn't intend to
   imply such. I was just thinking this: when we are up at
   the upper QRP limits (5watts CW, 10watts PEP SSB as Chuck
   and others had been stating), I am just trying to realize,
   and also state, that depending upon one's antenna, you
   aren't necessarily QRP anymore if gain is involved. With 6
   to 10dB gain, your ERP is approaching the output of a Scout
   at 50Watts and no gain or some loss. Do I understand
   antenna gain right?

Right. Antenna gain is simply redirection of power. Instead of the power
being radiated in all directions equally, a "gain" antenna concentrates the
radiated power in some direction(s) at the expense of others. You're still
QRP since you're only sending out 5W, it's just that you're delivering a
larger percentage of that 5W to the general direction of your intended

All you need is for about .0000000000001W (-100dbm) to hit the other guy's
antenna and you can have a nice QSO. It's magic. --bruce WT1M

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