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From: Jeffrey Herman (jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Sun Mar 06 1994 - 16:52:46 EST

Mel and the Gang,
the letter I received from Weiss, the author of that book (HISTORY OF
QRP IN THE U.S.) had that South Dakota address as the return address on the
envelope. You might try this: go to your library and look at the reference
titled BOOKS IN PRINT (thick 5 volume set) and see what address is

Jeff NH6IL

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I don't remember who posted the message about where to purchase
"A History of QRP in the U.S.", but the address he gave:

     Milliwatt Publishing
     833 Duke St. #83
     Vermillion, South Dakota 57069

is WRONG. I just received my ordering letter back from the Post Office
with a "Forward Expired" box checked. Does anyone know the correct address?
I would really like to order the book.



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