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From: Bob Berlyn (bob.berlyn@chowda.sbs.com)
Date: Sat Mar 05 1994 - 08:40:00 EST

Hi All,

I just wanted to drop a line to those on The QRP Net on 7.040 today
(Sat) and thank you for your help( K2TKS ans WA1JXR).

This was my first ever CW net, and if you remember back to your first
net I'm sure you remember how confusing it was, at least it was for me.
As you know by now my CW speed is not as fast as it could be, but
that will come with time. In any case it was a fun just to make contact,
I'll be back.

My major problem was the Rx in my HW-8, it's to broad and the result
is a lot of QRM on my end, so I ended up using my FT-890 with the
power turned down to about 4 watts, and the great reciever.

I guess its time to think about a better QRP rig, and I think I'll
do the old fashion way, build it myself. (Actually I like to home
brew and have built a couple of projects from QRP classics etc.,
I am far from being an engineer)

So--- What to build? My homebrewing skills are still in their early
stages of development, but I was thinking of the W1FB Universal
DC reciever in the W1FB QRP Note Book, along with a VXO Transmitter.

Does anyone here have any experience with this reciever. Will the

Audio Filter be good enough to make the selectivity better than the
HW-8? Although I understand the limitations of a DC reciever. I do
think I should crawl before I walk and therefor think I should keep
the project simple, ergo the DC reciever

Any Suggestions ?

Thanks es 73

 * OFFLINE 1.54 * Bob Berlyn N1PWU Bob.Berlyn@Chowda.sbs.com

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