Re: QRP Timewarp


From: Michael Silva (
Date: Sat Mar 05 1994 - 02:05:20 EST

>I feel like I'm in a QRP timewarp...Does anyone else feel this way?
>What's happening to our QRP hobby? Here I just finish building my
>neato NorCal 40 and work 4 countries in 3 days while I'm tuning it up
>(Columbia, France, US and Canada) and now all of a sudden I feel my new
>rig is obsolete when I hear the likes of Chuck with his new K5FO Special
>and Doug KI6DS with Wayne's new Sierra rig. Things are happening too
>fast. Additionally I have back burnered a NN1G rig which I need time to
>build... We need a moratorium...No new QRP rigs for at least another month
>or so :-) If things keep up the way their going the ARCI Dayton Hospitality
>Suite will have to move to Stoufers (sic) ballroom.
>Well I hope everyone takes the above with a grain of QRP salt. I just wanted
>to thank all the folks who are contributing to the QRP rig building hobby.
>I think I've read more stuff on QRP rigs in the last year than the all of
>the last ten years of activity in the QRP Quarterly and Sprat. And there's
>more coming to supplement the fantastic QRPp newsletter - The K5KO newsletter,
>the Colorado QRP club newsletter, etc. Just great...

Hello, everyone,

Alright, I give up. I don't understand most of these references! I'm
new here, have mercy!

Seriously, I signed up for this group because I want to get back into
building after many years of screwing around with computers, and QRP
seems to be where the builders live these days. I *do* crank my 100w rig
down to 5w when I can, mostly because that way it doesn't set off the
motion-sensing floodlights outside my window, but I am enjoying reading
about all of your (plural) accomplishments. What you are all doing is the
closest to what radio meant to me in my early years, when I would stand
outside and imagine talking to someone on the next hill with a little
radio of my own.

Anyway, where do I find out about all this hardware. Are they
circuits and/or kits and/or finished rigs? What should I be
subscribing to, both on Internet and in the real (US Post Office)
world? What should I be reading? I've got "QRP Classics", "Solid
State Design...", and the W1FB books, among others.

Finally, I'm accumulating a parts-supplier list on Microsoft Works for
Windows, and using it to generate send-me-a-catalog letters and address
labels. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to share it -- just tell
me how and where.

Thanks and 73,
Mike, KK6GM

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