QRP Timewarp


From: Bob Gobrick WA6ERB (70466.1405@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu Mar 03 1994 - 11:24:47 EST

TO: >INTERNET:qrp@think.com

I feel like I'm in a QRP timewarp...Does anyone else feel this way?
What's happening to our QRP hobby? Here I just finish building my
neato NorCal 40 and work 4 countries in 3 days while I'm tuning it up
(Columbia, France, US and Canada) and now all of a sudden I feel my new
rig is obsolete when I hear the likes of Chuck with his new K5FO Special
and Doug KI6DS with Wayne's new Sierra rig. Things are happening too
fast. Additionally I have back burnered a NN1G rig which I need time to
build... We need a moratorium...No new QRP rigs for at least another month
or so :-) If things keep up the way their going the ARCI Dayton Hospitality
Suite will have to move to Stoufers (sic) ballroom.

Well I hope everyone takes the above with a grain of QRP salt. I just wanted
to thank all the folks who are contributing to the QRP rig building hobby.
I think I've read more stuff on QRP rigs in the last year than the all of
the last ten years of activity in the QRP Quarterly and Sprat. And there's
more coming to supplement the fantastic QRPp newsletter - The K5KO newsletter,
the Colorado QRP club newsletter, etc. Just great...

Now the next trick will be to come up with a reference index of all these
QRP articles and reviews - something like what Dit-Dah publications does
for the QST/CQ/73 articles. Maybe that's a project I can work on.... when
I get time free from building my backlog of club projects.


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