From: Charles Adams (
Date: Wed Mar 02 1994 - 22:55:31 EST


I talked to Myron Koyle, N8DHT, Secretary/Treasurer for QRP ARCI
a few hours ago.

There are 15 rooms still left at Dayton for you QRPers.
These rooms go for $70 per night. This does not depend upon
the number of people in the room. So if you can pair up
with someone, then it's $35 plus tax per person, etc.
Of course, if you get more you'll have to bring sleeping bags, I
suppose. I leave it as an exercise for the student. :-)

If you think you'll be buying a lot of junk ^h^h^h uhhh equipmment,
then you may want the whole room to yourself.

Anyway, send check made out to "Days Inn - Dayton South" for $70
(one nights rent) to Myron Koyle, 1101 Miles Ave SW, Canton,
OH 44710. Might include note with SASE if you want non-smoking, etc.

These puppies should go in a hurry.

There will be shuttle service to the convention. Takes about
20 minutes.

Also am told the food is great at the Days Inn.

See you in Dayton.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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