From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Mar 02 1994 - 17:30:15 EST


I received via first class mail today, March 2nd,
a newsletter called "The Low Down", No. 1, from the
Colorado QRP Club. "Promoting low power amateur
radio in Colorado. Same format as the QRPp and
K5FO Newsletters, but only 20 pages, but that's
a good start. Well printed and outlined below.

Cover - shows contents and club meeting date
Inside Cover - shows officers. Charter membership
        ends March 5. Ooops. Looks like FEDX gets
        another $11 from me. :-)
Page 3 - Colorado QRP Club (CQC) - A Special Interest Club? by W0HEP
Page 4 - Notes from the President by W0HEP
page 5 - The Mountain Top QRP Expedition Force by AA0AO, AA0QB, & AL7GQ
page 6 - Product Review - The QRP Plus by Andrew Comas, KF2JH
page 7 - Natural Selection and the Evolution of the Pipsqueak by
         George De Grazio, WF0K - Hambrew Magazine
     8 - " "
page 9 thru 12 - Pull Out Calendar (neat idea)
page 13 thru 14 - continuation of page 8
page 15 - continuation of page 6
page 16 - continuation of page 5
page 17 - continuation of page 15
page 18 - finish of page 8 and ad for 'hambrew' magazine
page 19 - membership application (reproduced below)
page 20 - back cover with 1/2 for mailing info and 2meter qrp net


Page 2. SILENT KEY. Wes Farnsworth, KE0NH, a Denver area amateur
   and CQC charter member #27, became a silent key on Feb 8, 1994
   after a long illness. He will be missed by his many ham friends.

Overall notes: (Opinions of Chuck Adams K5FO)

1. Pretty good quality
2. Larger print size than the QRPp, kinda reminds me of the M-QRP
3. Heavy duty cover like the QRPp, stapled shut for mailing.
4. Obviously, well maybe nearly obvious, is that articles are
    printed across a complete sheet, thus the reason for the
    large number of pages between continuation. Somewhat of
    a minor irritation in reading, 'cuz you gotta skip back
    and forth while reading.

Articles due to the editor by the 15th of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and
Dec. Rich High, W0HEP, president and editor, want them on 3.5" disk
in Mac or MS-DOS format using Ami Pro, Word, MS Works, WordPerfect,
and some others. Graphics scanned photos in TIFF format.

I get the impression this baby going to be published 6 times a year,
thus the smaller format or they are gonna go broke. :-)

Dues are $10.per calendar year or $1.00 per month after March.
Colorado QRP Club 14261 E. 4th Avenue #161 Aurora, CO 80011-8711

OK - here's the form (approximately spaced)


    Call:_______________ Class:_______ Exp.date:_________
    City: State: Zip:
    Phone: Home Work(opt)

    QRP: Active____ Inactive_____ New to QRP _____
           Interested in QRP____
     QRP equipment:
    Bands operated:
    Do you operate 2 meter FM?____

    (QRP Net every Monday evening at 8:00 pm on 147.225
    repeater covering the eastern slope from Cheyenne to Colorado
    Springs via link on 145.160. Simplex: 146:445)

    Interests: Technical__ Operating___ DX____
             Contests____ Construction____ Portable_____
             Movile_____ QRPp______ VHF/UHF_____
             Digital Modes_______ Antennas____

     Signature/Call______________________________ Date_____

     Dues: $10 per year

     Send to 14261 E. 4th Avenue #161, Aurora, CO 80011-8711

So another place to put your hard earned bucks. Is this stuff
tax deductable? NOT. :-)

oh. 80Meters: Call "CQ CQC" on 3.710 c.w. daily 8:00 pm Mountain time.
     (which i figure to be 0300Z - which i think everybody should use)

OK, we now return you back to net control- QNX

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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