Date: Wed Mar 02 1994 - 11:26:43 EST

From: Kana, Michael (D9CY)
Date: Wed, Mar 2, 1994 10:26 AM
Subject: Howdy
To: QRP Group
Howdy all

This is my first posting on the QRP list. I have an avid interest
in homebrew circuits as well as in vintage gear and microwave
communications. Currently, I run QRP on my Ten Tec Omni V
turned way down and with my RT3/RR3 GRC109 Special Forces
One project I would like to try (after I get all my other projects
built) is a flea sized qrp rig built with surface mount components.
Has anyone out in net land worked with PA circuits using MMIC's?
I use MMIC's for my microwave gear but have not yet in the
low frequencies (read HF). Any thoughts???

72 es 73's de AA9IL
Mike Kana

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