Re: Dipole horizontal or vertical?


From: D A Coleman (ext. 2850) (
Date: Tue Mar 01 1994 - 12:11:47 EST


Ed Tilton, W1Hdq, late of ARRL, always used to say that the only thing to be
gained by using a vertical, when there was something to be gained, is height.
That's the view that my experience would seem to bear out. Sometimes it's fun
to play with a vertical, expecially if you've already got a good horizontal.
(I'm assuming dipoles in both cases.), but I've never yet seen a vertical
antenna that really made me want to get rid of those cumbersome old horizontal

Incidentally, Whether you're running qrp or not doesn't matter if you're
consistently interested in getting the most out of every watt (or milliwatt--or microwatt, etc.)


Don Coleman, W1VOQ

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