QRPp in the mail


From: Doug Hendricks (dh@deneb.csustan.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 27 1994 - 23:05:41 EST

QRPp is in the mail as of Monday, Feb. 28th. Please let me know when it
arrives, as I am tracking how fast the postal service is. This issue is
mailed bulk rate, as opposed to first class. The reason? Cost. The issue
is 72 pages (funny how it came out that way), and to mail it first class would
cost 98 cents. To mail it bulk rate costs 19.8 cents, a significant savings.
I figured that you would rather have more journal and get it a little slower.
I did specify that I be sent address correction information in case you have
moved. That way, the post office must attempt to deliver it, and can not just
throw it away as junk mail. This issue cost 67 cents each to print. Hope you
enjoy it.
72, Doug

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