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Date: Fri Feb 25 1994 - 13:34:00 EST

To: QRP@Think.COM
Subject: Hotel Antennas
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Here is an updated version of a previously issued
antenna article for hotels etc......

A lot of hotels have sealed rooms and no balconies.
I thought of bringing a small drill and making a tiny hole
to push a wire out through, under the window.

I recommend small antenna tuners and SWR meters like the ones
found in the ARRL QRP literature, (ie... 1987 ARRL Handbook
page 34-11, and p150, 167 of ARRL Solid State Design, and
p4 of April 1992, QRP-NE "72" newsletter).

Provide 2 quarter wavelength counterpiose wires
(33' for 7 - 28 mHz ) connected to the tuner ground,
and a half wavelength of antenna wire ( 66' for 7 -28 mHz)
connected to the tuner input terminal.
You may be able to match the antenna by tuning the tuner
for maximum receiver noise but I use the SWR indicator.

A single endfed wire antenna is probably the most
flexible, compact, quickest to erect, antenna for varying
and unknown situations. The age old caveats still apply
however, The higher, and in the clear, and further away
from the building, the better. But, inside wires do work.
Generally a horizontally placed antenna wire is best for
local, while vertical does best for long distance.

While visiting KI6DS and N6KR in California, we put a 66'
wire into a tree outside the hotel room and ran a 33'
wire around the floor and another 33' wire across the
outside balcony. I also ran a wire from the tuner
to the hotel AC electrical ground receptacle.

With a small tuner (and SWR indicator) DX and east coast
stations were worked using the 2 watt NorCal-40 prototype

My SWR indicator has ~ 0.2 watts of loss through it, so after
the antenna is correctly matched, it is removed when going after

72, Jim - W1FMR

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