superhet design


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Fri Feb 25 1994 - 08:56:07 EST

I'm not sure if this one made it out to the list server or not, but here it
is again..

I'm wondering if anybody has, or knows of a design for a superhet transceiver
that uses the tx mixer for the rx mixer, and a sidetone oscillator instead
of the derived transmitted signal.

The reason I ask is that it seems that in the nn1g and other superhet designs
that a technique for switching over the function of e.g. and ne602 could be
done. Why I don't know, maybe to save on more expensive parts so we could make
a qrp rig offshore for $10.00 and sell them for $25.00 :-)

Anyway, any thoughts? If I get some time I might experiment. (Big if these
days) .. 73
Brad WB8YGG..

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