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From: Bob Scott (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 13:51:31 EST

                      Radio Merit Badge Project
Disclaimer: I am not associated with Ten-Tec except as a

Awhile ago, I wrote to you folks looking for ideas for a
suitable project for the Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge. I
received a number of excellent ideas, but I could not meet
my goal of keeping the project under $20.

I recently received the new Ten-Tec Kit catalog and they
have a Regenerative 4-Band SWL Receiver that goes for $17
plus shipping. The kit includes a drilled, painted, silk-
screened front panel and covers the 49, 40, 31 meter bands
plus 12-15 Mhz. Needs 9-12 volts, antenna and a pair of
headphones (1/8" plug). Had pushbutton bandswitching, on-
off switch, "on" LED, tuning, volume, regeneration control.
They also have what they call a T-Kit Class-Pak which includes
5 #1054 receiver kits, instructor notes and spare-parts kit for
$79. This brings the cost down to around $16 each.

I have one on order, but they will not be shipping until sometime
in late March. If it is as good as it sounds, I will
be using it for a Radio Merit badge class for my son's
Scout Troop. I will let you know how it goes.

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