Date: Sun Feb 20 1994 - 18:55:41 EST

On 02-18-94, wrote to QRP@Think.COM:

I dont know about muting an ICOM, but I thought of using my
Ten Tec Argosy as a receiver with a home brew transmitter
or transceiver to provide split frequency operation.
(RCV on 1 freq., XMT on another)

I would use the ARGOSY to receive and the NorCal-40 to transmit
and key both the NorCal and the Argosy at the same time.
The Argosy would be turned down to 0 watts out, and only the
NorCal would send a signal to the antenna. Both rigs would be
connected to the same antenna.

You would be able to listen to both frequencies at the same time
but just transmit on the NorCal frequency with the key down.

I have not tried it, as the idea does not sound too sound, but what
if it works ? The Argosy may just act like a big dummy load,
but if I had the chance to work the 3Y0 station, which was running
split, on 40 meters, I would have tried it.

  73/72 Jim Fitton, W1FMR QRP-NE


You DEFINITELY need a TR switch of some kind, even the back-to-back diode
protection setup.

When I built up my first QRP rig (5W, kludged together from various
building blocks in the literature), I just keyed the Argosy and the rig
together. You DO need an isolating diode in the line to the Argosy. By
the way, the key line and PTT line are one and the same, so I could just
clip-lead it into the mike plug!

Why not try the reverse? Feed the other RX from the Argosy's diode TR
switch? (If you disable the little transceiver's TX!) I have 4
connections brought out to the rear panel phono plugs for transverters. I
fed a Drake 2B from the Argosy's TR switch output once. I guess you could
split the output with a transformer splitter if you were really finicky
about receiver-to-receiver isolation and impedance matching.

John K0JD

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