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From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 10 1994 - 07:58:04 EST

Hello everybody, and I'm glad to be back on line.
Our mail has been down for some time, but it works

Anyway, I had too much time to think while Off the list server,
so here's just one of those thoughts that I had.

I realize there are a lot of people that are kit builders out there
, and that they are haveing a lot of fun. But I'll bet
with all of you kit builders that if you build from scratch
a transceiver like the nn1g, or the spider or something along that
order, and don't learn one thing from it that you find valuable,
then I'll buy a kit and build it myself, something within my meager
budget that is... This is a big deal for me, because I haven't
wanted to build a kit since the first Sudden Receiver that
I made using my own p.c. board.
I truely believe that by building from scratch, you will learn more
about circuit layout, component tolerance, construction, and the
circuit operation in general than you can by building a kit. Who
knows you may learn enough to write a good technical article from it.

The definition of scratch is as follows:

1. Make your own p.c. boards, or use ugly construction
2. Procure all parts yourself, including torroids.
3. Use whatever documentation you can scrounge

If you do this, you may find that this is the next step towards
hobby gratification, or you may say that this next step is beyond
your means and you'll never do it again.
Whatever, I beleive you will learn something that will be of use
to you in the hobby.

Then after that is the next step... Designing your own.
I have been building other people's designs from scratch ,
but haven't myself stepped into the design it yourself arena
with the exception of add on circuits like t/r switches
and circuit enhancments. Some day I'll do that too.

73 from the snowy north east.

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