3Y0PI - Peter Island


From: Henry T. Rand Jr. (rrand@PICA.ARMY.MIL)
Date: Sat Feb 05 1994 - 23:02:37 EST

An expedition to Peter Island, located 200 miles from Antarctica, has been
mounted and is on the air. They were first active on 1 Feb and have as many
as 4 stations on the air at once now.

This is the most wanted country on the DXCC list and the expedition cost
around $300K to undertake. So, if you are a DX chaser you will want to work
this in the next week or so before they leave around the 17th of Feb.

I worked them initially on 17m on 1 Feb with my Argonaut II. Since then I
have managed to work them on each band with CW QRP from 30m on up to 10m.
They have been very workable. I do have some big antennas but on 30m I only
used a dipole. On 20m I worked them with 0.37 watts. This shows they can
hear pretty well so give it a shot.

They work split usually at least 5 KHZ up.

                                73 & Good DX,
                                Randy Rand AA2U

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