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From: Mont Pierce (
Date: Thu Feb 03 1994 - 00:56:45 EST

> hi,
> continuing on this drawn out thread..... the february 73 magazine has an "article", not
> a review of a kit, on an ascii to cw project. provides the schematic, parts list,
> long article on what's going on, but, no listing of the code for the eprom program that
> the micro uses. in the parts list the "kit" provider for $27 will sell you the micro
> and eeprom with the required code burned along with the source code and software tools
> to program/modify the code yourself, of course one needs to have a eprom eraser/programmer
> available to do this. this seems to be a recurring "problem"(?) with the projects that
> are being published according to the thread on this list. but, from the average ham i

Well, actually this ham has provided all parts needed for any builder at
whatever level. You can get the burned prom, along with the source. Or,
you can login to the bbs and download the source for FREE if you already
have the means to make your own proms.

I think this project is being offered in the manner that most of us would
like to see. The complaints have been about some who force you to buy their
preprogrammed proms, etc. and won't let you have the source code. You have
no option to personalize how it works, you have to take what they give you
or do without, unless you can create your own from scratch.

The real problem is that there is a conflict of interests in the minds of
some project designers. We, the general ham public, have gotten used to
the idea of receiving electronic circuit designs for free. Professional
programmers on the otherhand are used to getting a price for their software
creativity, they do it for a living. Even an average computer user cannot
comprehend how much effort and time goes into software development. Software
that is mass produced can be sold for <$100 and still make a good profit,
because they can sell hundreds of thousands of copies. If they could only
sell a few hundred copies, they would have to charge thousands of dollars
to pay for the software development expenses.

On the otherhand, as I actually have a foot in both doors, the ham world
and the professional software programming world, I can understand the
hesitation of those project designers who do not reveal their source codes.
For now, I think we have to be patient and not worry too much this issue.
As most of you net users are aware, there is more and more software becoming
available for free on the net. I think this trend will also occur in ham
projects requiring software. One thing we could encourage is starting a
group of programmers on the net to work together on a programming project.

Just another ham's 2 cents worth...


Mont Pierce

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