From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Sun Jan 30 1994 - 09:50:04 EST


I have been operating CW/Mobile/QRP for a couple of years now. I have a
Ten Tec Argonaut 509, a keyer I built from the ARRL Handbook, and an
audio filter that is from the Ten Tec design, but home built, because I
couldn't find anyone to sell me one built. I have added some noise
supression via Radio Shack kit.

I use the Schurr solid brass, hand made mini-paddle on an old army? leg
brace. .the paddles are the best I ever used.

Sometimes when I really get into it, and I am in the middle of the
busiest street in town, I just pull off into a parking lot. People are
always stopping by to see what I am doing.. the car is now a little bit
noticable with the Texas Bugcatcher on the back of a small Acura
Integra. Previously I used a set of whips. The Bug Catcher seems to
make the QRP up to 100 watt level.

I ofter work a QSO on the way to work (7 miles), at lunch (a couple of
miles then I stop where I am going to eat and finish the QSO) and on the
way home.

I have only been a ham for about 2 years, I certainly am no CW whiz..
tell you what though.. it realy gets you copying in your head after a


Jeff, AC4HF

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