Radio Kit review


From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Fri Jan 21 1994 - 20:10:24 EST


I think overall Chuck was much too kind. I have spent a few weeks
working on this. If the kit was done correctly I could have finished it
on a Saturday and really enjoyed it.

The board is the worst I have ever seen.. doesn't solder great, you get
one chance..even with good desolder tools.. you have to drill out the
board in many places.. like for an adjustable board mounted pots (think
there are 3 or 4) holes are left out, holes aren't orderly or logical,
parts stink.. many pages of mod to mod.. soldering modifications on the
bottom of the board..the parts overlay doesn't look a whole bunch like
the board and like Chuck says.. schematic isn't correct and I find it
hard to follow.

I use to like building before this one.. I don't think someone could
make a worse kit..except by trying REAL hard.

At first I thought the non-silk screened board was throwing me.. then
looked over to the $29 Spider sitting on the bench waiting to get a VFO
and it was fun to build.. no silk screen.. good board..bottom looks good
and work fine the first time. The NN1G I built didn't have silk screen.

AVOID unless you want a real challange.,. anyone want a partially
completed one for $70 shipped US.. I am about ready.. have some projects
I would like to start.. I have been forcing my self to put a few parts
on every day.. sure don't look f

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