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From: Randy (
Date: Fri Jan 14 1994 - 21:13:09 EST

Twice, this has failed, including sending TO the qrp 1 more
try, and if it fails...this guy is gone.
> The NorCAL radio is about 15mA in receive, 2-300mA in transmit. Batteries
> last a *long* time. I use 8 AA rechargable alkalines that fit nicely
> inside the case - but would be a little hard to charge with the solar
> setup. A 2AH gel cell would probably last a week of normal operating,
> even if you forget to turn it off. .
OH my! 15ma for rx? oh! Thats a LOT different then! and 200-300ma TX
ah...then Norcal is in the 2 watt region...( I assumed maybe 4.5 watts)

Speaking of QRP..just 3 min ago, on 3699kc, I was hailed by a QRP out of
Florida...X ruff copy, and he was using a keyer and kept flubbing things
with it...but it looks like KC4GKY (somthing...maybe /AA or some such)
so got to this machine to do a call search on him...and here you were!

I'm in Connecticut, by the way.


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