Pair of HW-8s for sale


From: Randy Cole (
Date: Thu Jan 13 1994 - 17:16:19 EST


I have two HW-8s which I bought about a year ago. Despite
the best of intentions, I haven't really done anything with
either one. I'd like to sell them both, and I'd prefer to
sell them as a package. However, I'll at least consider
reasonable offers for just one. This is what I've got:

  1. A non-working HW-8. I bought it in that condition, and
     the only thing I've done with it is hook it to an
     antenna and tune around. I heard a couple of strong
     stations on 40 meters but that was about it. I didn't
     try to transmit. The construction looks good and the
     case is in average or better condition (scratches but
     no dings or chips).

  2. An HW-8 that was assembled but never aligned or tested.
     I haven't powered this one up. The construction also
     looks good, but the builder drilled a bunch of holes
     for a speaker in a squarish pattern in the top shell of
     the case. The result looks a bit messy.

I have one original manual and one copied manual.

I'd prefer to sell them both as a package, as-is, for a
total of $175 plus shipping. This is exactly what I have
invested in the pair, so the price is firm.


Randy Cole
310/450-9111 x2628 days
213/939-9847 eves

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