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Date: Wed Jan 12 1994 - 09:19:05 EST

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As quoted from <4955@jek> by seastar!nshore!usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu!arrl.org!jkearman (Jim Kearman):

> The limited amount of money (ham radio isn't quite as big
> a market as, say, VCRs) these authors make selling programmed
> parts is fair compensation for building, debugging and
> WRITING ABOUT a project. I know a ton of hams who are doing
> really neat stuff. Some of them even complain about what
> others are publishing in QST, saying it isn't up to date.
> When you corner these people and send them Author's Guides,
> though, they disappear into the basement.

        Uh, I've seen the Author's Guides, and heard a few horror
stories from old-timers. From what I read, the ARRL *OWNS OUTRIGHT
ALL RIGHTS* to *ANYTHING* sent to them. If I send them all the parts
to my gizmo, I forfeit all the work I've done. If there's ever any
profit to be made from my device, the ARRL gets it all.

        Wrong-o there, folks! I have a rather BIG problem about this
policy, as I'm almost finished with a complete microcontroller run DDS
CW/SSB general-coverage receiver. I would LIKE to publish it, source
code included, and still own the copyrights to the code. Note that I
have NO problem about anybody else burning ROMS and so forth provided
they ask me (it's an ego thing, I like to know how many people are
using stuff I've done). I've gotten disgusted with the treatment the
authors get from 73 magazine, and I don't like the ARRL's policy
either. Been sorely tempted to release everything with a GNU-ish sort
of license, requiring no $$$ be charged above cost & shipping while
still requiring it carries my name.

        BTW, the EPROM controller for the TW-1 DDS rig that was
originally supposed to be published in the Nov 93 issue of 73 probably
will not be printed till at least April (and yes I did send them
source code and .BIN files for the EPROMs). For a 5 page article,
schematics, parts list, double-sided PCB artwork, several B/W photos
and source code with .BIN files, I will get less than $150 *when they
publish it*, whenever that is. Building the first 2 prototypes cost
me more than that (grumble grumble). But at least it's improving - I
lost a lot more $$$ on the first article from fed-ex charges 1/2 ;-)

John Welch, N9JZW

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