Ten-Tec QRP rig


From: william r finch (wrfin@prairienet.org)
Date: Mon Jan 10 1994 - 22:21:20 EST

One of the local new hams (age 15) has a Ten-Tec QRP (I think!) rig
that he got from a relative, and I told him I would try to find out
what the heck it is. It has "RX10" on the front, covers the CW part
of 15/20/40/80, push button band select, and an RCA plug for the
antenna connection. Is this enough info to ID this little rig?
He wants to sell it, and get a fair price, but I can't find this
thing in my limited library.

If anyone has some info about this rig, please let me know, and I'll
pass it on. TX, and 72/73

Bill Finch   KF9KI
Champaign, Illinois

wrfin@prairienet.org bfinch@heartland.bradley.edu

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