Re: keyers and Uncle Alberts Advertisement in QST


From: John F. Woods (
Date: Mon Jan 10 1994 - 16:48:43 EST

> Well, I know this isn't really qrp, but keyers seem to be a hot topic lately.
> Well, It seems to me that the recent article in QST about Uncle Alberts Keyer
> was nice, but it really should have been in the paid adds part of the
> magazine.
> The reason I say this is the quote that was in the notes part that the code
> for
> the controller is "unavailable". Well this means that basically it's a kit,
> and kit alone. I have nothing against making money, but this belongs in the
> adds part of the magazine. Am I missing something?

Well, the last time spun around and around and around
on this topic, the arguments sort of went

con: what's the point of a microcontroller demonstration article if you learn
      nothing about microcontroller from it? (The first CMOS keyer article in
      QST, as I recall, started out claiming that it would explain embedded
      micros and then just showed how to wire up their kit.)

pro: what's the difference between an article about a
      68HC11-programmed-by-Joe-Ham keyer and a Curtis 8044ABM keyer?

con: Curtis didn't claim to be teaching logic design.
con: Curtis will probably still be making 8044ABMs next year.
con: ...

pro: Coders deserve to be compensated for their work!

I sorta come down on the "it's just a kit" side, but rather than getting
exercised about it, what I'd really like to do is create some useful uC gadget
for publication in QST and make a point of making code available (perhaps a
companion QEX article about software design?). A disadvantage, however, is
that the usual kitting places might not carry it (since *I* don't particularly
want to get into the kit business) since the availability of the code would
make instant duplication easy.

Maybe what's really needed is a series of articles on designing new software
for the CMOS-II Keyer and the other black-box uC kits that have been published.

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