re: keyers and Uncle ALbert


From: Brian Cieslak (
Date: Mon Jan 10 1994 - 16:24:51 EST


I tend to agree with you...It is interesting that a majority of construction
articles that appear in QST and the handbook these days require you to buy
the key component from the author, usually a programmed part. There was a
time that QST ran construction articles that used parts that could only be foundin the author's junk the 70's they went a little more generic so a
majority of the parts in a project could be picked up at R.S.. I think QST
should require that authors make all the information required to build a projectavailable for free to it readers who pay $30 a year for the privilege of being amember and make the purchase of pre programmed parts an option instead of a
requirement. Otherwise, as you suggested, the authors should be paying for an
ad to sell their products.

One of the classic examples is the Super Cmos II keyer...It was featured in an
article in QST and is inthe HANdbook...but you can't build one unless you but a
preprogrammed part from the author or his representatives. Why isn't the source
code in the handbook? I feel if the article was published in QST or any other
magazine it becomes the property of the readers who purchased that magazine.

So there! 73, Brian AE9K

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