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From: Randy (
Date: Fri Jan 07 1994 - 13:46:21 EST

> Can IF transformers be identified from their external markings?
> is the marking on the sides. The ones in question are marked with "T-15"
> on one line with "TP" stamped just below. (Dan's re marked "42IF", "128")
> How does one decode these markings?
Those are all 'in-house''d need know WHO made them
(Usually 'Toko' is the main one...)

Then you'd need get their data sheets.

In otherwords, not easy to do.

What I did, was to get one unknown xformer, and send my signal generator
thru it...fed in on the low z /tickler coil side, and watch the Hi Z
side with a scope....sweep the generator by hand and look for the peak in
Such coils being adjustable, the markings on the generator's dial are
accurate enough to tell you the freq.

Connect to the scope by the shortest possible leads, and NOT with coax.

Also, I found it helps if a series resistor of like 470 ohms is used
between the sig. gen and the small coil to allow the peak to be more
pronounced...not loaded down by the gen's low Z.

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