Re: IF Transformer Identification Help


From: Edward Pacyna (
Date: Fri Jan 07 1994 - 12:37:03 EST

>Can IF transformers be identified from their external markings?
Yes.....but you will need a cross reference.

If the markings are the manufacteur's standard part #'s, you will need to know
who the manufacteur is and have their catalog. However, sometimes these mark-
ings are house part #'s, where a manufacteur marks the device with a customer
#. Now you need to find out who the customer was and get a copy of the spec-
ifications. This is easier said than done.

>The local surplus parts store in town has a box full of what I
>think are IF transformers. They are in a 10mm can very similar to
>the 10.7 mhz IF transformers provided by Dan's kits. They have the
>same pin arrangement and a capacitor on the bottom. The major difference
>is the marking on the sides. The ones in question are marked with "T-15"
>on one line with "TP" stamped just below. (Dan's re marked "42IF", "128")
>How does one decode these markings?
The 42IF series is listed in the Mouser catalog. Specifically, the 42IF128
is for use at 10.7Mhz, has a primary that is tapped (about 1/3 up), has a
capacitor accross the primary and a primary to secondary turns ratio of
8:1. Other 42IF series units are vary by physical size, frequency, tap point,
turns ratio, pin out etc. So you see it is important to get the specific
specifications. (reference pg138 Mouser catalog #572).

You can have some fun by getting and by making some measurements and taking
it apart, you can determine it's specifications.

By the way the Mouser quantity 1 price is $.79



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