It's official - I'm hooked


From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Mon Jan 03 1994 - 11:23:01 EST

(Pardon my ramblings - caffeine hasn't kicked in yet...)

Hi all,

I've been off the air for quite awhile, but yesterday (Sunday)
I followed the ol' New Year's resolution and got back on. I'd
just finished rebuilding a homebrew antenna for 20m and figured
it needed a trial run, plus I wanted to try the qrp rig (my first -
an MFJ 9020) I got for Christmas.

Anyway, I was tuning around 20m, heard a fellow Californian and
worked him. Got a 559, which I felt was a good start for 600 miles.
Not spectacular, but at least it proved things were working. Then
I heard a call from 8-land, figured what the heck, I'll bite.
Well I almost fell over when he came back to me! Got his info
(he was in West Virginia, gave me a 569) and just as I was sending
mine, the band fell out from under me. AAARRRRGH!!!! So much for
that QSL. I guess that qrp WAS is a little further away than I
thought. Still nice to know that my 4 watts got me from San Diego
to West Virginia, though. Not new to most of you, but fun for me!

Bottom line - I'm definitely hooked on qrp. One final note -
my original elmer (a dedicated kilowatter) heard me by chance
when I started my QSO with 8-land. When he found out I was
operating qrp he was a bit shocked, and definitely impressed.
So I even did a bit of qrp evangelism for the week. :)

So how was your weekend?



Next project - homebrew rigs.

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