Norcal 40 completed


Date: Sun Nov 14 1993 - 22:32:20 EST

Well, I got my Norcal 40 kit in the mail on Friday. After sorting out
the parts, it took me a total of about 5 hours to build it for the
Novice band. I hooked it up, and the receiver worked immediately, with
about a 35 KHZ band spread. I tried the transmitter - no go. An hour
later, I discovered that I hadn't stripped the insulation from one of
the transmit-mixer toroids completely. :-( Once I got THAT fixed,
everything worked fine - about 2 watts out. I haven't tried any
QSO's yet, since the antenna connection at this point consists of me
pressing the PL-259 up against the BNC connector. :-) The
Troubleshooting section and schematic were infinately helpful.

   My first impression is that the sensitivity of the kit is pretty
good - I could hear anything that I could pick out on my MFJ rig, with
the exception of the very weakest signals. As I haven't completely
aligned it yet, that may change, too. The transmitted signal has a very
nice note to it.

   I'll provide some further comments after I actually get the rig on
the air after work tomorrow. Look for N2VDS on the air. :-)

- Rich

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