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Date: Sun Nov 14 1993 - 00:49:18 EST

On 11-09-93, cfishman@PICA.ARMY.MIL wrote to qrp@Think.COM:

and am now building up
a few of the R2 and T2 boards. I am including


Not having a test lab, I'm scared off of these by only one thing: the
matching of the inductors (and capacitors, but this is less of a problem
since close tolerance units are available).

What's the easiest way to measure inductors (and capacitors) precisely in
this value range, reasonably cheaply? (Or, more accurately, provide
relative readings for matching?) I have: a couple digital multimeters,
an old Tek 533 scope, and could build an audio oscillator.

The only other obstacle is buying lots of the inductors to match 'em. I
wonder if the Toko adjustable inductors from Digi-Key would work? Would
the Q's, wire resistances, and other differences throw off the filter

John K0JD

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