Re: 4SALE TEN-TEC Argonaut 505 HF QRP Transceiver


From: Stephen Lee (
Date: Sun Oct 31 1993 - 23:27:08 EST

Speaking of buying/selling used 14 year old son and I just
bought an Icom IC-701 200 watt SSB/CW rig with IC-701PS power supply.

Of course it can do QRP, down to 2 watts, according to the previous

We are very interested in hearing from anyone who has had any kind
of experiences with this model of Icom radio, since this is our first.
We are not licensed yet; have nothing more than a long wire for
the receive antenna, but will become licensed HAMs soon. We've been
doing a good deal of listening at 7 MHz because it is so active.
1.8, 3.5, 14-15, 21, and 28 MHz are either very slow or non-existent.
Is this the norm? Also, we have been hearing some CW on both the
upper side band as well as lower side band in SSB mode. I need to
ask if this radio, the Icom IC-701 can broadcast CW in SSB mode?
Thanks for any answers, replies, etc. We hope to communicate with
some of you netters over the air waves in the near future!

Thanks again!
Stephen Lee

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