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From: Paul Blumstein -- kd6laa (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1993 - 15:44:10 EDT

Patrick Franzis (n1ocj) writes:
+ I am trying to decide what type of antenna to use for a 40 meter
+ QRP(5 watts) station. Due to tree location and spousal arguments, I
+ have to make due with some type of wire antenna. I will be using the
+ peak of the house and a tree about 110 feet away. A dipole is not
+ usable. After some reading, I have decided on an end fed Zepp antenna.
+ Any comments or experience that could help me out? Thanks!

Since you have the peak of your house, would an inverted V dipole
fit? You could put up a large pole with wire headed down towards
the ends of your house. (Hope that your trig is up to snuff).

Anyway, the inverted-V is efficient and the effective height of
the antenna is the same as the height of the highest point.

        73 de kd6laa

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